Monday, June 27, 2016

[Multiculturalism in Action] Come to join the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Culture Workshop!

The Multiculturalism in Action Project is going to organise a Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Culture Workshop in the coming summer. This Workshop includes seminars, field visits, buddy programs, community-enhancement project, and an opportunity to present your project in schools and in a book! Come and join us in promoting cultural knowledge and positive ethnic relations!!

Please visit our website to view our previous Workshops.

All interested are welcome. Please register on or before July 10, 2016 at

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[Multiculturalism in Action 2015-2016] FUN with Interculturalism – World No Tobacco Day 2016

The Multiculturalism in Action (MIA) Project participated in the World No Tobacco Day 2016, organized by the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service. The program was held on 29 May 2016 in King George V Memorial Park, Jordan, to raise awareness about smoking hazards, and motivate the public, especially ethnic minorities and new immigrants to take the initial step to quit smoking, and consequently foster a healthy environment. Prof. Maria Tam was invited to give a short speech during the opening ceremony. She encouraged everyone, regardless of ethnic background, to support family, friends, and colleagues to quit smoking, as smoking affected not only the health of the smokers, but also those around them.

Guests of the event promoting the message of a tobacco-free Hong Kong
MIA displayed an Exhibition on the South Asian Communities in Hong Kong, which attracted a lot of South Asian visitors. With a focus on Nepali culture and kabaddi, the visitors commented that they have learned a lot. Some Nepali parents took chance to teach their children about the history and culture of the Nepalis in Hong Kong.

Guests viewing the Exhibition
The afternoon was filled with the music dance performances by different groups.

South Asian dance performances
If you would like to learn more about the health issues of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, click the links below to view the public seminars organized by MIA:

Health Issues among South Asians in Hong Kong (online video) 

Health and the Pakistani Community 

An Exhibition Handbook on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong is now available free of charge to the public, please email us to get your copy!

Contact: Ms. Connie Lee (

Monday, June 13, 2016

[Multiculturalism in Action 2015-2016] FUN with Interculturalism - Equal Opportunities Day

FUN with Interculturalism, a community outreach project launched by the Multiculturalism in Action (MIA) Project this year, participated in the Equal Opportunities Day on 21 May, 2016. An Exhibition on the South Asian Communities in Hong Kong including Indian, Nepali, and Pakistani cultures was displayed. Our volunteers served as docents to explain the details to visitors, including residents from Fairview Park, Yuen Long, and the vicinity. 

Our docents at work
MIA Director Prof. Maria Tam exchanged views on the work to promote positive ethnic relations with different parties, including Prof. Chan Cheung-ming, Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Ms. Ng Chiu Mei, Principal of the Bethel High School, and Mr. To, District Councilor of Fairview Park.

Prof. Tam (right) discussing the education issues of the ethnic minorities with Prof. Chan (middle) and Ms. Ng (left)

The Opening Ceremony showcased the multicultural talents in Hong Kong. Performances included Nepali dance, Chinese Tai Chi, Sikh martial arts, and Indonesian ukulele performance. Moreover, there was a panel that consisted of two Pakistani police officers and a Nepali accountant, who shared their success stories. Their examples showed that everyone could have a chance to succeed through perseverance.

Sikh martial arts
Tai Chi performance
Sharing session
 Audience came to visit our booth after the opening ceremony, and they enjoyed the interactive quizzes a lot!

Visitors taking part in the interactive quizzes
An Exhibition Handbook on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong is now available free of charge to the public, please email us to get your copy! 

Contact: Ms. Connie Lee (

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Multiculturalism in Action Project in Chinese University Bulletin

With support from the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF), Prof. Maria Tam has organized the Multiculturalism in Action Project since 2013 to enhance awareness of the ethnic and cultural diversity in Hong Kong.

The project has been highlighted in Chinese University Bulletin (No.2 2015). The article can be viewed here.

Multiculturalism in Action Project in Chinese University Bulletin

Thursday, June 2, 2016

[Publication] 廢品生活--垃圾場的經濟、社群與空間










Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cultural Heritage Talk Series 2016 In Honor of Professor Tracey Lie-dan Lu: Rethinking the Origin of Food Production and Population Movements in Prehistoric China

Cultural Heritage Talk Series 2016 
In Honor of Professor Tracey Lie-dan Lu 

Rethinking the Origin of Food Production and Population Movements in Prehistoric China 

Dr. Tianlong Jiao (Joseph de Heer Curator of Asian Art, Denver Art Museum, USA) 
焦天龍博士 (美國丹佛美術博物館亞洲部主任) 

*Conducted in English 英語演講* 
*Refreshments will be provided after the talk 演講後敬備茶點*

The study of the beginning of food production in prehistoric China has been dominated by the approach of searching for a single mark of the “origin” of agriculture, leading to infinite debates on many issues. A more reasonable and productive way to understand the economic pattern of this critical period is the level of food production. The concept of “Low-Level Food Production” offers a useful alternative perspective to investigate the economic changes as well as the population dynamics in early Neolithic China. 



Dr. Tianlong Jiao is the Curator of Asian Art at the Denver Art Museum, USA. He is also an Affiliate Graduate Faculty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, an Adjunct Chair Professor at Xiamen University and the Chinese University of Science and Technology. He received his Ph. D from Harvard University in 2003. He was the Head of Chinese Art Department at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco from 2014-2015, Chief Curator of Hong Kong Maritime Museum from 2013-2014, the Chairman of the Department of Anthropology at Bishop Museum from 2006-2013. He also served as the Director of Shandong Archaeology Team in the Institute of Archaeology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His research specialty is Chinese and Pacific archaeology and museum studies. He has conducted archaeological projects in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii and central America. He also curated many museum exhibitions. His publications have explored a variety of issues including early food production, the Austronesian expansions, formation of states, ancient environment, archaeology of gender and style, maritime adaptation and maritime trade. He has authored/co-authored six books and more than eighty research papers both in Chinese and in English. His English book The Neolithic of Southeast China (Cambria Press 2007) was the winner of the 2007 Philip and Eugenia Cho Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Asian Studies.


Date: 19 June 2016 (Sunday)
日期: 2016619()

Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
: 430分至6

Venue: LT1, 7/F, Mong Man Wai Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
: 香港中文大學蒙民偉樓七樓LT1演講廳

Enquiry: (Tel.) (852) 39439264, (E-mail)

: () (852) 39439264, (電郵)

Free admission. All interested are welcome. Please register on or before 8 June 2016 by filling the form: