Monday, June 26, 2017

周大鸣教授講座及工作坊回顧 Review of Lecture and Workshop by Prof. Zhou Daming


讲座中,周教授从 “路学”的研究脈絡出發,分析中國當下的高速道路發展,提出“中間消除效應“,意指高速道路的封閉及點對點的連結方式導致了資源集中在某些節點,而處於兩點間的中間社區和社會則被忽視了。同時,他也指出“交通革命“使得中國社會的時空距離大大壓縮,城鄉結構的中間層級“扁平化“。提問環節中,周教授也就人類學如何突破“小村莊”研究的問題進行了回答,認為區域內多點的比較研究是一個新方向。


   In March 2017, the Department of Anthropology and the Institute of Future Cities invited Prof. Zhou to give a public lecture on settlement and transportation in China and a workshop on urban anthropology which is based on a case study of Fenghuang Village in Guangdong. In the Lecture, Prof. Zhou began with the context of “Road studies” and then analyzed the rapid development of transportation in China. He came up with a concept “Intermediate Elimination Effect,” which means that the closed highway is good to the development and resource accumulation in the big sites, but causes the decline of the little settlements between the sites. Also, the revolution of transportation results in compressed time-space in China and flattening social structure. In the Q&A section, Prof. Zhou discussed how multi-sited ethnography and comparative studies have become a new direction to do research in China.

    In the workshop, Prof. Zhou argued that the aim to do follow-up study is to analyze the social changes and extend an academic study. Based on the study of Fenghuang Village, he developed a new concept “village in the town,” which means that a village has the characteristics as a town, but is still a village. Since a village has its own specific kind of planning, Prof. Zhou think this disturbed the government of town to conduct urbanization planning and development. After Prof. Zhou’s sharing, the graduate student in our department also shared their studies and had an in-depth discussion with all the participants in the workshop.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Multiculturalism in Action Project participating in the World No Tobacco Day 2017

The Multiculturalism in Action (MIA) Project participated in the World No Tobacco Day 2017 on 28 May. This event was organized by the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service with an intention to raise awareness and motivate everyone to quit smoking, consequently fostering a healthier community. Prof. Maria Tam, Director of the MIA, was invited to give a short speech during the opening ceremony. By sharing her own family story, she encouraged everyone to quit smoking for their family as well as for one’s health.

Let’s have a look on some of the great moments on that day!

The Exhibition on the South Asian Communities in Hong Kong was displayed, with a focus on the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan communities in Hong Kong. Project publications such as the Exhibition Handbooks and pamphlets in eight languages were distributed for free.

Prof. Tam introducing project publications to guest

The afternoon was filled with joy and performances which showcased talents of different ethnic groups in Hong Kong.

 Filipino group dance

Belly dance with band music

Let’s dance!

Let’s work together for a smoke-free Hong Kong!

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The ICONIC Mums Program Call For Participants and Volunteers!

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