Friday, September 21, 2012

Registry of Anthropological Data Wiki

The American Anthropological Association has announced the creation of a Wiki to help researchers locate anthropological source materials and promote their own research! According to AAA, this is a cutting-edge tool for the new era of anthropology and the 21st century anthropologist! Below is the description from AAA:

One of the effects of the web has been to create myriad crevices and crannies of information. Did you know that Frederick Starr’s notebooks (12 volumes of field notes) have been put online?

Do you have a website of ethnographic or anthropological source materials you’d like people to know about? Add it to the wiki and help others benefit.

Have you deposited your personal papers in an archive? Building on the efforts of the Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records, we are turning to anthropologists to join together and share information about the location of field notes, photographs, sound recordings, and other primary sources.

The wiki is the perfect place to promote your own research and discover interesting new materials. You can ensure that the location of your ethnographic materials isn’t lost or forgotten simply by typing up and publishing a new page on the wiki. The registry needs you though. This is a crowd-sourced effort so it relies on the efforts of individual anthropologists to identify their research. We encourage you to test it and add your own entries. Already the wiki houses information on fascinating research such as the Khipu Database and the Tsimane Amazonian Panel Study. We hope you can help your colleagues identify intriguing projects that might otherwise be easily overlooked. This is a cutting-edge tool for the new era of anthropology and the 21st

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