Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Seminars of Fall 2012 Begin!

 You are cordially invited to attend the seminars presented by the Department of Anthropology. All interested are welcome. Bring your sack lunch and join the talk with us! 

*Seminars take place 12:30-2:00 p.m.
in Room 401 Humanities Building, New Asia College, CUHK. (Except Sep 21)

21 Sept. Venue: NAH 11
HUANG Yu, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, CUHK,

“Entangled Guanxi: Tracing State-Society Relations through Food Safety Control
in China's Aquaculture Development.” (details)

5 Oct.
Alex DE VOOGT, Assistant Curator of African Ethnology, Division of
Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History, “Cultural Transmission -
The Rules of the Game.”

19 Oct.
Wyman TANG, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, CUHK, “Nepalese
Drug Users in Hong Kong: Ethnicity, Transnationalism, and Marginalization.”

26 Oct.
CHEE Wai Chi, Part time Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, CUHK,

“Optimism Misguided? Teenage Immigrant Students in Hong Kong.”

2 Nov.
YAN Hairong, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic
University, “A New Metaphor of China? Rumors about Chinese Convict Laborers
in Developing Countries.”

9 Nov.
Thomas S. WEISNER, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Department of
Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences (NPI Semel Institute), UCLA, “Culture as
the Most Important Influence on Human Development.”

23 Nov.
Veronica MAK, Part time Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, CUHK, “The
Globalization of Milk: Milk and Modernity in South China.”

30 Nov.
Yeon Jin SEONG, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Cornell
University, and J.D., Columbia University, “Military Confucianism in a Wall Street
Law Firm.”

7 Dec.
李楠, 香港中文大学,人类学系,博士研究生,“流动中的边界:朝鲜

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