Wednesday, January 25, 2017

[The 9th Annual CUHK Anthropology Postgraduate Student Forum] Engaged Asian Anthropology: Opportunities and Challenges

The 9th Annual CUHK Anthropology Postgraduate Student Forum, with the theme “Engaged Asian Anthropology: Opportunities and Challenges”, was held on 2021 January, 2017 at CUHK. It is an annual event organized by the postgraduate students of the Anthropology Department to encourage communication between young anthropologists who conduct research in the East and Southeast Asian region, and to offer an international platform for the exchange of excellent research conducted in Asia.

Group Photo

80 participants, including postgraduate students and scholars from local and overseas universities, attended the event this year. 60 of them presented their papers at the forum, with topics revolved around the theme of Asian Anthropology. 14 panels were arranged, addressing various research areas like ‘Transnational Migration, Identity  and Self-being’, ‘Engendering Subjectivity and Volatile Body’ and ‘Dynamics in Heritage and Arts Preservation’.

Panel presentation

Two featured workshops were also held. Mr. Robert Godden, Director of Rights Exposure, gave a workshop on “The Role of the Image in Positive Social Change: Representation and Ethics”, and Dr. Charles Sung and Ms. Mokki Hsiao, Founders of Anthropologists For Future, ran another workshop on “Making Anthropology Sexy: How We Run ‘Anthropologists For Future’”. The two workshops inspired participants to explore how anthropological knowledge could be applied and engaged in various academic and career fields.

Mr. Robert Godden giving a workshop on “The Role of the Image in Positive Social Change: Representation and Ethics”

Dr. Charles Sung and Ms. Mokki Hsiao running the workshop

In addition, Prof. Don Kulick, Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology at Uppsala University in Sweden, gave a keynote speech on “Danes Call People with Down Syndrome ‘Mongol’: Politically Incorrect Language and Ethical Engagement”. The speech examined the use of politically correct language in a deeply contentious arenadisability.

Prof. Don Kulick giving the keynote speech

The forum was concluded with a fieldtrip to Wanchai. Our fieldtrip docent led participants to different attractions in Wanchai, such as Masjid Amar & Islamic Center, Canal Road, and the Blue House Cluster, to explore the dynamic cultures of locals and ethnic minorities.

Field trip to Wanchai

This forum was the outcome of the hard work and commitments of many people and organizations. Here, we would like to thank Prof. Don Kulick, Dr. Charles Sung, Ms. Mokki Hsiao, Mr. Robert Godden, professors who volunteered to be our discussants, all the forum participants, and the organizing committee members for their unending support for this event.

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