Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Publication] 公路上的人類學家 Anthropologists on the Road

Cover and contents of the book

編者:張展鴻 、駱吉婷 
Professor Sidney Cheung's new edited book Anthropologists on the Roadpublished by Hong Kong Discovery, can now be purchased in various magazine/book outlets. The book, written in Chinese with English translation, retells the observations and experiences of anthropologists (many of which are our teachers/students) doing fieldwork in China. Retail price of the book is HK$58.
Title: Anthropologists on the Road
Editors: Sidney C. H. Cheung and Luo Jiting
A Road is an infrastructure that connects one place to another.
Anything can happen in a long road journey – every story tells something about society, and altogether they weave lives between individuals. For this, “road movie” is a popular film genre that stresses self-exploration and rethinking.
Taking the spirit of the “road”, this book retells observations and reflections after a group of fresh anthropology researchers and postgraduates walked through the fields of contemporary China. It’s been time that they began their journey of research and, just as any ordinary citizen of Hong Kong, have come through successes and failures. Miles and miles there are stories that touch their hearts, which they would really like to share with the readers along with their other experiences on the road.

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