Friday, March 13, 2015

Anthropologists on the Road Series: Work More, Pay Less? An Experience on Setting Up a Shrimp Farming "Cooperative" in China

“Yet, the robust statistics of the industry conceals the shrimp farmers’ dilemma: despite their continual efforts in improving technology and enhancing yields, they get no fair reward. Their living standard over the toiling years has not raised much. Why is it so? As an anthropologist, apart from doing investigations and analyses, how may I help them?”
Huang Yu

When suppliers of shrimp post larvae and pharmaceuticals are used to maximize their profits by cutting corners and deceiving farmers, and middlemen who collect shrimp always collude with each other to suppress shrimp prices, farmers with little bargaining power are left to struggle alone.

When good harvest does not necessarily bring profit to the farmers, what can they do to survive in the wave of market economy? Huang Yu, Assistant Professor of our Department, switched her role as a researcher to an actor during her visit to Bailingdong Village in Dongli Town, Leizhou.

Want to know how Professor Huang helped the shrimp farmers in restoring the value of their labour? Click here and check out the full text. 

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