Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: International Conference on the "Historical Imprints of Lingnan: Major Archaeological Discoveries of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao"

Remember Dr. Mick Atha, the adjunct assistant professor in our department, was invited to participate in the Historical Imprints of Lingnan Conference at the Hong Kong Museum of History?  The conference was held at the last weekend and Dr. Atha's talk was well-received.  Dr. Atha wrote some words for all the readers about the conference and the associated exhibition:

"The conference offered a fascinating overview of discoveries and debates in Lingnan archaeology spanning the palaeolithic to the late Ming dynasty. The conference was well attended by the Hong Kong public, local scholars, and students including some currently in the Department of Anthropology as well as a good number of alumni who maintain a keen interest in archaeology and continue to be involved in archaeological research through my fieldwork projects. It was very good to see so many friendly faces in the audience when I presented the San Tau results. 
The associated exhibition is beautifully presented and contains some really special objects never before seen on display together. There are also a series of very informative interpretation panels throughout the exhibition, which offer fascinating insights into past lifeways in Lingnan, as well as different archaeological sites and the innovative methodologies used in their investigation. It is one of the best exhibitions I've seen, although I am a little biased as it contains some things discovered during my San Tau research! The exhibition closes at the end of this month and I would urge any interested students who have not already been to take this opportunity to view and contextualise Hong Kong's archaeological discoveries in their wider Lingnan setting. The Proceedings are on sale at the Museum for just $45HK - a bargain I think."
-Dr. Mick Atha 
You may find more information about the conference in our earlier blog post.

The associated exhibition is scheduled to be closed at September 1, 2014. For details, please visit the website of Hong Kong Museum of History.

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