Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Event] Anthropology Department Geopark Boat Tour

On October 26, the Postgraduate Students' Society of Anthropology Department organized a boat trip to Hong Kong Geopark (香港地質公園) with a portion of the fee subsidized by the department. All together 36 postgraduate students along with teachers joined this Eco-Tour in Sai Kung area.

The Group at a 300-year-old Tin Hau Temple on High Island

Hong Kong Geopark became a National Geopark in October 2009 and consists of amazing rock landscapes expanding widely over the coastal area of northern east Hong Kong, which reveals an important part of Hong Kong’s natural history.

An unusual cave near High Island

Yacht trip on Sai Kung inland sea

The yacht tour started from Sai Kung New Public Pier and covered a large range of places including Hebe Haven(白沙灣), High Island(糧船灣), Ung Kong Group(甕缸群島), Tiu Chung Chau(吊鍾洲), and Half Moon Bay(半月灣), etc. During this trip, the group had a chance to observe the hexagonal columnar joints(六角柱節理) and Tiu Chung Cave (吊鐘洞), which is one of the “four famous caves in East Sea”. The group made one stop to visit a Tin Hau temple(天后廟), where fisher folk were drying small fish on the plaza.

Landing on High Island

Fisher folk drying small fish on the plaza

The Group

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