Sunday, January 6, 2013

Steelcase's Anthropologist On Remaking Offices To Create Happier Workers

“You text, you Gchat, you hop on Facebook--why? To communicate. Soon you find yourself turning the phone off, going invisible, and signing out of your social networks--why? To get some privacy, to gain some focus. The need to text is new, while the needs to make contact--and to find privacy--are old. Same old human nature thrown into constantly new contexts.”

Donna Flynn
Donna Flynn, an anthropologist, directs Steelcase's WorkSpace Futures, a 19-member independent research group to understand how these timely (and timeless) trends shape the ways we work. "So how can we think holistically about creating sustainable work environments and work practices for our people?" Flynn says.

To read more about how what are the changes of our workplaces, how they are affecting our well-being, and how an anthropologist makes contributions to these issues, please see the original article on Fast Company

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