Monday, October 8, 2012

Enjoying Academic Exchange at Postgraduate Student Forum

Every year since 2008-09, the Department of Anthropology has invited postgraduate students from Asia and elsewhere to present their current research at the Postgraduate Student Forum.

The Forum is intended to showcase the best of students’ contemporary research. For the past few years, there were participants coming from Harvard, Columbia University, LSE, SOAS, and many other renowned anthropology programmes.

PhD candidate from LSE is presenting her research.
The forum offers an international
 platfrom for intellectual communication.

Prof. Wang Mingming

Hong Kong is a global city, a major node for trade, investment, and the exchange of ideas. The Postgraduate Student Forum seeks to encourage the communication among young anthropologists in and of the East and Southeast Asian region, to help improve their research and to make the excellent research being conducted in Asia to be better known internationally. The forum covers a wide range of topics and invites famous scholars from different anthropological subfields as discussants.

At the same time we have tried to keep the forum not only educational but also fun! The forum includes various activities such as field trips introducing local culture, dinners featuring a variety of local delicacies", and even music performence by our faculty and students!
The Forum 2011 also includes a field trip to introduce heritages in Hong kong and the local food culture.
Music performance by Professor Gordon Mathews and MPhil student Leah at the opeining ceremony.
Now we are expecting the 5th Annual Postgraduate Student Forum in a few months. We look forward to learning about your research in January! To join us, submit an abstract by 15th Oct 2012. (For more details, please visit the Forum's website.)

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