Monday, August 14, 2017

Multiculturalism in Action Project – ICONIC Mums Program Workshop 2 多元文化行動計劃ICONIC 媽媽課程工作坊 (二)

What is the connection between food and yoga? The ICONIC Mums Program, a new program launched by “Multiculturalism in Action Project 2017”, explored this in its second workshop “My Physical and Mental Health: Yoga and Food Workshop”. Participants of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds gathered at the International Yoga Institute on 8 July, 2017.
食物和瑜伽之間有什麼聯繫?由多元文化行動計劃2017”舉辦的全新活動 “ICONIC 媽媽課程第二次工作坊精神及身體健康:瑜伽及素食工作坊探討了這個課題。來自不同族裔和文化背景的參加者在201778日齊集在國際瑜伽學會。

To start with, Ms. Lin Chew led a session “What is true for you?” to help us understand ourselves. This quiet and peaceful session allowed participants to rethink the roles they played in their daily lives and to create a common ground among the participants.  

What is true for you?: A reflective session

It was then time for a hands-on session related to physical and mental health!

Ms. Sitarani taught us yoga poses and breathing exercises that could be practiced at home. In the middle of silence during the yoga session, a scream was heard - one of our participants experienced back pain! Thought she would have ended up taking part with 10% effort? No, she carried out the stretching till the end and was the first to say how yoga had taken the long time pain away! This yoga experience session indeed demonstrated self-exploration, self-acceptance, and overcoming your own limits.

Learninghow to release pressure through breathing exercises

Ms. Siromani, a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Hong Kong (ISKCON), shared with us the relationship between spiritual purification and vegetarian cooking in Hinduism. She also demonstrated how to cook tomato paneer (a fresh cheese common in South Asia). By adding lemon juice to boiling milk, curds were separated from the whey and became paneer. It is not difficult to make –  some participants indeed succeeded in making paneer at home!


Adding lemon juice to boiling milk to make fresh cheese

Tomato paneer: A simple and tasty dish

In the last session, participants were encouraged to share their own concerns and discuss ways to tackle them. Bookmarks with positive and encouraging statements were distributed to show support from the MIA Team. To solve a problem, we need to first understand it, and tackle it one step at a time.

The workshop ended with a delicious vegetarian meal offered by ISKCON. Healthy eating and yoga are always the best combination to nourish the body and soul. We hope that everyone could be inspired by the instructors for a more positive lifestyle. Cheers!


Reporters: Connie Lee and Vicky Jim

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