Monday, July 11, 2016

[SEAA Hong Kong Conference 2016] East Asia and Tomorrow's Anthropology

The SEAA Hong Kong Conference 2016 “East Asia and Tomorrow's Anthropology” was successfully held on 19-22 June, 2016 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We were honored to have Professor Leung Yuen Sang, the Dean of Arts, to give a speech at the opening ceremony.

Prof. Leung Yuen Sang, the Dean of Arts, giving the opening speech at the conference
After the ceremony, we had invited Dr. Huang Shu-min from Academic Sinica, Dr. Takami Kuwayama from Hokkaido University, Dr. Kwang Ok Kim from Shandong University, Dr. Gordon Mathews from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Ichiro Numazaki from Tohoku University, and Dr. Helen Siu from Yale University to hold a keynote panel and discuss on the topic “Overcoming the Gap between American Anthropology and East Asian Anthropologies”.

The keynote panel
More than 150 scholars coming from different countries presented their research at the conference. A total of 33 panels, focusing on various anthropological scopes such as identity, religion, gender, language, transnationalism, ethics, media, ecology, and medical practices, were organized. The panels had incited new dialogues on different anthropological topics.

Linessa, our PhD candidate, presenting her paper at the panel “Migrant Mobilities and Identities in East Asia: Ethnographic Inquiries into Subjectivities and Experiences”
Dr. Gordon Mathews and Leah, our MPhil graduate, having a musical performance at the welcoming banquet
The conference participants visited Chungking Mansions, the center of “low-end globalization” in Hong Kong, and had dinner in the restaurants inside the building
Three different field trips, respectively to the Big Buddha, to Hong Kong museums, and to Sham Shui Po and Shek Kip Mei, were also organized for the conference participants to know more about Hong Kong culture.

Marco and Man Kei, our PhD candidates, explaining to the conference participants the history and special features of Sham Shui Po

Last but not least, we would like to thank the keynote speakers, chairs and discussants of each panel, and all the participants who contributed to the success of this conference!

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