Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the Press: Cross-Border Mothers Lost In Two Social Systems

Dr, Wai-chi Chee, Lecturer in our department, has researched on Cross-Border Mothers, which aims to analyse the conflict between Hong Kong and Mainland China from the Cross-Border Mothers' perspective. The research was recently reported in two articles.

《在兩個社會系統裡迷失的跨境媽媽》 劉潔珊

“…徐渭芝採訪了大概40個阿寶這樣的跨境媽媽。她的報告 說,很多跨境母親都後悔來港生子,甚至還想一死了之。徐渭芝說香港政府當初為了刺激經濟而鼓勵內地孕婦來港生子的時候,並沒有預想到今天的情況,這是行政失當。在報告中還提到一個母親說:有時候我的兒子很吵,吵到了收留我們的親戚。我當然會跟兒子說,可他只有三歲,什麼都不懂。我打他,他反而哭得更厲害。有一次他哭鬧不斷,我就瘋了…”


“Cross-Border Mothers Lost In Two Social Systems” Shako Liu

“…Chee interviewed about 40 cross-border families in her study. Regret is prominent among them, many even have a death wish. The ambiguity of the One-Child Policy falls into interpretation of local governments. Some women she interviewed said they also paid a fine to the local government for having a second child in Hong Kong. Chee said the Hong Kong government didn’t envision the problems when they opened the door for the women to give birth in Hong Kong as a way to boost the economy after SARS in 2003. 
In Chee’s report, one of the mothers said, “Sometimes my son makes noise. The relatives whom we are staying with are annoyed. I talk to my son but he is too young to understand. He is only three. I hit him and he cries even louder. Once I went totally crazy as he cried and cried. To make him stop crying…

To read the whole article, please click here.
For details of Dr. Chee’s research, please check the information here. (Chinese only)

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