Thursday, July 31, 2014

International Conference on the "Historical Imprints of Lingnan: Major Archaeological Discoveries of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao"

[Updated on August 1, 2014]
Throughout Hong Kong's long history of cultural development, local communities exhibited varying degrees of cultural connections and interactions with groups in the wider Lingnan region. At this exciting conference a group of twenty mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas scholars explore a diverse range of topics in Lingnan archaeology. I'm very honoured to have been invited to present a paper and will discuss my recent research into mortuary behaviour at the unique late Tang cemetery at San Tau, North Lantau. The project pioneered the local use of intra-site ground penetrating radar (GPR) with excavation 'ground-truthing' to reveal what I believe is a military-civilian cemetery associated with the vibrant Tang maritime trade through Guangzhou.
-Dr. Mick Atha

Dr. Mick Atha, the adjunct assistant professor in our department, is invited to speak and contribute a paper at the forthcoming Historical Imprints of Lingnan Conference at Hong Kong Museum of History on the 16th and 17th of August.  Dr. Atha will present the findings of his two seasons of fieldwork at the regionally unique Tang dynasty cemetery at San Tau in North Lantau in the morning session on the 17th of August (Sunday).

The conference is free and attendance is on a first come first served basis. For details, please click the poster below.

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