Thursday, July 24, 2014

Department PhD Candidates Leave for Fieldwork

PhD students of the Department are required to conduct at least one year's fieldwork after they have passed the qualifying exam and submitted their proposal. This summer, we have five PhD candidates, namely Martin Boewe, Deng Ting, Ruan Chiyin, Ruslan Yusupov and Germaine Gordon, who have just started their fieldwork in communities all around the world in China, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, etc. 

Their research interests have covered  broadly on anthropology topics such as nationalism and modernization, food and environment,  gender and family, ethnicity and identity, and transnational migration. Research topics various from intentional communities with utopian characteristics to Chinese and Italian family entrepreneurship, from bitter-buckwheat industry in southwest China to the reconfiguration of state-religion relationship in a Chinese town populated by the Hui minority in Yunnan. 

Come and visit the Department website to read more about their researches, as well as their words to say about learning anthropology.

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