Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[ I·CARE Film Festival 2017 博群電影節] Sunday Beauty Queen 周日皇后

This year's I·CARE Film Festival has invited Dr. Ju-chen Chen to be the post-screening speaker for the film "Sunday Beauty Queen". Highlighting the subjectivity of the Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong, this film shows us the dreams and life of these workers through their participation in a beauty pageant.

Sunday Beauty Queen

2016|Philippine|94 min|
In English & Filipino with English subtitles 
Director: Baby Ruth Villarama

When it comes to weekend streetscape in Hong Kong, the little makeshift havens put up by the Filipino maids in Central are likely to spring to mind. Leaving their country at a young age for a better livelihood, they strike the most of us as menial workers who crowd together on holidays. Who cares who they are, what their dreams are…? As director Villarama delves into their world, she finds out that some of them are busy getting ready for a beauty pageant. Their beauty eludes most Hong Kongers, but not Villarama and the jurors at the Busan International Film Festival, South Korea. Show time for our Cinderellas!

Date: 23 March 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 6:45pm
Venue: Room103, Y.C. Liang Hall
Post-screening Discussion Speaker: Chen Ju Chen (Lecturer, Department of Anthropology)
Language: English

Chen Ju Chen
Chen is a Lecturer of the Department of Anthropology in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interest includes anthropology of China, globalization, urban studies, social differences, labor migration, gender, consumption and mass media.

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