Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[Announcement] 2017 Summer Internship Opportunities


The Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, Cambridge, UK
Quota: 1 interns (to be confirmed)
Duration: 6 weeks (late June to mid/late August)

The Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney, Australia
Quota: 1 intern (confirmed)
Duration: 6 weeks (late June to mid/late August)

Financial aids for overseas internship:
Students can apply to New Asia College or the Department of Anthropology for funding. 


Hong Kong Museum of History
Quota: 3-5interns (to be confirmed)
Duration: Four to six weeks between June and August, to be confirmed.

Antiquities and Monuments Office, SAR
Quota: 1-2interns (to be confirmed)
Duration and schedule:  Four to six weeks between late June and August, to be confirmed. 

Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Quota: 1 intern (confirmed)
Duration and schedule: About six weeks, to be confirmed.

The Festivals Office (LCSD)
Quota: 1 intern (to be confirmed)
Duration and schedule: About 220 hours between July and August, to be confirmed.


For details of the internship, please refer to written reports by previous interns available on our department website. http://arts.cuhk.edu.hk/~ant/en/internships.php
TO APPLY: Fill in application form and send with a copy of your resume to Prof. Weng Cheong Lam (wlam@cuhk.edu.hk) before January 23 Monday.


Internship opportunities at Nongovernmental Organizations (RECOMMENDED)

(Students should apply directly to the organization.)

International Movement For Just World (JUST),
Jalan Sultan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Action for Reach Out, http://www.afro.org.hk/EN/
Teens Key, https://www.facebook.com/TeensKey

M+ 6-Month Internship Program


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