Friday, March 11, 2016

[Multiculturalism in Action 2015-2016] FUN with Interculturalism in Kam Tin

FUN with Interculturalism, a community outreach project launched by the Multiculturalism in Action Project this year, organized its fourth community event on 27 February, 2016, in collaboration with SKH St. Joseph’s Church and Social Center in Kam Tin. Apart from our own volunteers, we were joined by the Center’s volunteers, and teachers and Nepali students from Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School. Seven booths showcased different cultures and jointly promoted positive ethnic relations. These included Chinese calligraphy, Indian dance, board games, henna drawing, art gallery as well as Equal Opportunities Commission information.

The art gallery (left) by Mr. Rai Dipendra and Chinese calligraphy (right) by Miss Chan Chan
Informative board games (left) by the Equal Opportunities Commission and henna drawing (right) by “One World One Family” Program
An Exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong was displayed at the covered playground, complete with explanations from our docents.

Our docent at work
Three kabaddi sessions were held by our volunteers, Annie and Kiu. In the first session we invited our Nepali guests to play - their skills and talents showcased the excitement of kabaddi and attracted the audience to stay and join the later sessions. The second and third sessions were held successfully with a lot of enthusiasm from both children and adults from different ethnic origins.

Guests of honor enjoying a game of kabaddi
Kids loved kabaddi!
The audience then enjoyed a series of performances prepared by the Center. There was Nepali dance by the Blessed Flowers Children Group, as well as storytelling in Cantonese by Khapangi Magar Prans.

Nepali kids performing an ethnic dance
Khapangi telling a story in Cantonese
Ms. Jackie Law, an experienced Indian dance performer and teacher, shared with us some stories behind Indian dance and explained the meanings of the gestures. After a fabulous dance, Ms. Law invited the audience to join her in learning some simple steps.

Ms. Law explaining the meanings of the gestures in Indian dance
Ms. Law performing Indian dance
Learning Indian dance
Last but not least, we would like to thank SKH St. Joseph’s Church and Social Center for providing the venue and booth supplies, and the volunteers who contributed to making this event a success. It certainly was an afternoon filled with joy and fun!

Thank you for your contribution and participation!

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