Friday, February 12, 2016

[Multiculturalism in Action 2015-2016] Sharing at Teacher’s Centre on 9 January, 2016

On 9 January 2016, Prof. Maria Tam, Director of the Multiculturalism in Action Project, gave a talk co-organized by The Graduate Association of Colleges of Education and the Hong Kong Teacher’s Centre. The talk focused on intercultural education in Hong Kong, in which she shared her experience in organizing the Multiculturalism in Action Project since 2013. This project hopes to provide more objective information on and holistic understanding of South Asians communities and their contributions in Hong Kong, through a series of train-the-trainers program and outreach activities. This year, the Project focuses on the Pakistani culture and works with members of the community to make positive changes, especially through bridging the Chinese and Pakistani communities in Hong Kong. Feedback collected from the previous Workshops on Indian and Nepali culture showed that multimedia presentations were useful in increasing the cultural sensitivity of students in mainstream secondary schools, who knew little about their South Asian schoolmates or neighborhoods.

Prof. Tam sharing the data collected from secondary schools

In addition, the community-outreach project “FUN with Interculturalism” was introduced, as a case to show how intercultural education can be done at school. This program, funded by the Equal Opportunities Commission, aims to promote mutual understanding and appreciation among different ethnic groups. It includes an exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong as well as hands-on kabaddi experience. Dr. Tang Wai Man, our kabaddi instructor, spoke on the historical and cultural aspects of kabaddi, and then led the teachers in a game of kabaddi. It was a fun and meaningful afternoon for the teachers and the Multiculturalism in Action Team, during which much sharing and discussion on intercultural education took place. 

Teachers and student helpers practicing kabaddi

Teachers reading the Exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong

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