Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[Publication] 大資本農場不能打敗家庭農場嗎? ——華南地區對蝦養殖業的資本化過程

黃瑜教授的文章"大資本農場不能打敗家庭農場嗎? ——華南地區對蝦養殖業的資本化過程"被刊登於《開放時代》2015年第5期。文章節錄如下:




Abstract The low ratio of hired labor in China’s agriculture has convinced quite a number of scholars that capitalization does not necessarily lead to proletariatization of the farmers. The author rejects this view by revealing the transformation of agricultural capitals from “nominal ownership” to “real ownership” in prawn aquaculture. In the early stage due to both natural and social obstacles, capitals can only extract the farmers’ values through monopolizing the production chain upstream and downstream. However, in recent years after a few bouts of catastrophic prawn endemic, prawn farmers have to give up prawn business. Agricultural capitals cash in on this situation and achieve “real ownership.” By tracing the development of a rising prawn aquaculture base in Leizhou, the author explores how agricultural capitals accomplish land transfertechnological control and labor supervisionand successfully mark up sales price in the low season. In this way, agricultural capitals are gradually driving household farms out of business. The analysis will give some insight into the dynamic process of class formation and the way in which farmers are being turned into proletariats.



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