Monday, April 13, 2015

[Nepali Culture Workshop 2014-2015] Buddy Program Kick-Off Party and Visit to the Good Lab (Cheung Sha Wan Centre)

Buddy Program Kick-Off Party
Date: 24 January, 2015

Kick-off party at a Nepali restaurant in Jordan

Participants of the Nepali Culture Workshop and 20 Nepali teenagers and teachers attended the kick-off party of our Buddy Program. In the party, university students presented their proposed projects to try to attract Nepali buddies to join their team! Topics of projects were diverse, including drama, sports and well being, exhibition on the forgotten history of the Gurkhas in Hong Kong, and Nepali-Chinese festival exchange. These projects would be showcased in a cultural program in April 2015. Our Nepali buddies had a hard time deciding which group to join, but in the end all groups were able to take-off. The groups will have two or three internal meetings, and then to come up with a project to be presented to local secondary schools.

Visit to the Good Lab (Cheung Sha Wan Centre)
Date: 28 February, 2015

During the presentation

A visit to The Good Lab (Cheung Sha Wan) was organized for our Workshop participants and project buddies. The groups presented their projects to Ms. Ada Wong, the founder of The Good Lab, a social enterprise that facilitates young people’s business projects by providing work space and resources such as funding and networking opportunities. Ms. Wong and her staff were impressed with the ideas of our participants, and gave very constructive comments and suggestions on how to refine the projects. Participants also got information on possible funding resources.  

Following the group presentations, Eppie conducted a tour of The Good Lab for us. We saw the CODE4HK in action a competition in which teams worked out ways to generate analysis on statistics from government reports for public and research use. Ms. Wong told us that that this project showed that social enterprises could take many different forms.


  1. showed that social enterprises could take many different forms.

  2. Quite informative post on this party. Recently, I arranged a family get together party at a beautiful event space and invited all our family members to this party. It was a grand party and we all enjoyed this event very much.