Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Announcement] Department E-Newsletter (Spring 2015)

The E-Newsletter (Spring 2015) of Department of Anthropology has been published. Click here to catch up with us on our latest news, new publications, and past and upcoming events. In this issue we have invited a fresh graduate of our Department to share with us her first job experience as a research assistant at the Hong Kong Museum of History. FINAL YEAR STUDENTS SHALL NOT MISS THIS!

If you have any suggestions, comments or news to share with our subscribers, please feel free to contact Ms. Esther Chok at We want to hear from you!

Department's E-Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Contents of the E-Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Special feature Demystifying the job of research assistant at local museum
“It is the season of graduation and job-hunting, and final year students are ready to land their first job. Working in the museum maybe a dream career for students majoring in anthropology, but the question is: Are there any positions in local museums that are open to fresh graduates?”
Honors and Appointments
  • Faculty of Arts Outstanding Teaching Award 2014
  • Appointment as the Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Arts
  • Appointment to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education 2014
  • Appointment to the Antiquities Advisory Board

Latest Publications
  • Rethinking Asian Food Heritage
  • Love's Uncertainty: The Politics and Ethics of Child Rearing in Contemporary China

Knowledge Transfer
  • Multiculturalism In Action: Nepali Culture Workshop
  • “Multicultural Hong Kong in Celebration” Series

Conferences and Seminars
  • The 7th Anthropology Postgraduate Student Forum
  • Undergraduate Student Forum
  • Friday Seminars (Spring 2015)

Undergraduate Activities
  • Lunar New Year Dinner
  • New Asia College Graduation Photo Day
  • Academic Planning Day for Secondary Five students
  • Farewell Party

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