Thursday, September 4, 2014

[Publication] 香港濕地四季遊 Wetland Tourism in Four Seasons: Perspectives from landscape, foodways and community lifestyles




Professor Sidney C. H. Cheung's new book “Wetland Tourism in Four Seasons: Perspectives from landscape, foodways and community lifestyles” is published in August, 2014.  The data in the book were complied by our alumni Erin Luo (M.Phil. '12) and Leung Ming Hon (B.A. '14).  The book's suggested price is HKD 58.

Similar to "Sheung Wan", this book is also based on a Knowledge Transfer Project supported by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The book records the knowledge generated by various groups/stakeholders (farmers, bird watchers, conservation groups, etc.) of the Inner Deep Bay and the neighboring areas (like Yuen Long, Tai San Wai, etc.), and presents to the readers through an integrated design of ecotourism package from a multi-disciplinary perspective. 

The book aims at drawing the public’s attentions at coastal development through creating four seasonal models of wetland tourism package. The emphasis on seasonal change in the area is not only serving the purpose of attracting people for multiple visits but also enhancing the appreciation of life cycle both in nature and local rural communities. 

For the research abstract, please click here.

The book is only available in traditional Chinese.

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