Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cover Story: The Legend of Tai O Shrimp Paste

Cover of the Hong Kong Discovery Vol.84
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Discovery

Our department has worked with the Hong Kong Discovery for over a year, many articles written by our teachers and students are published in the magazine of the same name, including the "Sandal wood", "Anthropologists on the road" and "Walking through Sheung Wan" series

The cover story of the latest issue, "The Legend of Tai O Shrimp Paste", is based on our alumni Leung Ming Hon's (B.A. '14) research.  Leung's final year project on Tai O shrimp paste was conducted last year.  If you are interested in Leung's project/ Hong Kong local food culture, you may consider to get the latest Hong Kong Discovery (Vol. 84) at the major bookstores or Circle K stores (Promotion price: HKD 28).  

Leung had also assisted in Professor Cheung's Wetland Tourism in Four Seasons: Perspectives from landscape, foodways and community lifestyles” project.

The article is in both traditional Chinese and English.
For details, please click here to visit the Hong Kong Discovery's website. (Chinese only)

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