Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anthropologists on the Road Series(1): A Story of Hakka Coiling Dragon House

Anthropologists always have their particular insights and stories to tell about their fields. For that matter, students and teachers of our Department have been writing down their observations and reflections of the fields of contemporary China on Hong Kong Discovery. From now on, we will start posting their articles on our blog to let more people hear about their stories. 

[Anthropologists on the Road] series:

Forward by Professor Sidney Cheung

This week we will start with our former MPhil student Luo Jiting's article "A Story of Hakka Coiling Dragon House."(天方还是地方?)from the Anthropologists On The Road series on Hong Kong Discovery Vol.75. Luo Jiting took her fieldtrip in Meizhou, Guangdong province in 2010. In her article, she shared with us her academic insights on the famous Hakka-styled "coiling dragon house(圍龍屋)". Click the picture below to see her whole article.

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