Monday, December 16, 2013

Summer Internship Reflections 2013

Handling collections with gloves
(Photo provided by Susan FUNG)
Undergraduate students of the Department of Anthropology are encouraged to apply for internship opportunities at institutions/organizations both locally and internationally every summer, as internship allows students to explore their interest and provides invaluable field experience. 

In the year 2013, the Department has secured 8 summer internship opportunities for students – 3 overseas and 5 local.  Students who have participated have written to share their experience as interns in The Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology (Cambridge, UK), The Nicholson Museum (Antiquities) in The University of Sydney (Australia), the Hong Kong Museum of History, and the Antiquities and Monuments Office (Hong Kong). For more information on the summer internship and to find out what our students have to share, please visit our website.

Susan Fung Handling Fiji Clubs

Photographing a bunch of metals during accessioning
(Photo provided by Sendy Leung)

Harley NG at Nicholson Museum

Holding a bronze halberd from the Shang-Zhou period
(Photo provided by Samson Tang)

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